Two More Done

If I don't have too many interruptions, it takes me a day to do a window. I prefer removing the window from its frame so I can work comfortably on terra-ferma (or should I say porcha-ferma?). Once the window is done - glazing, scraping, sanding and painting - I work on the frame and then put the window back into place. Brian steps in to do any parts I can't reach and installs the shutters. Here he is at our bedroom window, above the side porch.

The other window done, above front and centre, is at the end of the main upstairs hallway. It looks small from where I stand, but with Brian as reference, you can see that the windows are quite tall, but narrow (like Brian himself).

The next ones will be the windows in Astrid's bedroom. She has two located at the south-west upper corner of the house. But I need a break, they will have to wait a little. I want to spend time in my garden.