Thursday, June 30, 2011

Parlor Window - Completed

Okay, parlor/studio front double windows - check.

The window above looks so tired and dirty compared to the one below, but it will have to wait. I did manage to put a coat of primer on the stair's railings today. It was soooo easy compared to the previous window work.

Next job: Astrid's two bedroom windows. Once they are done, I will have met my 'eight window per season' quota. Enough with R & R (repairs and restorations) I'm ready for some real R & R in my hammock.


Mark D. Ruffner said...

The window looks very sharp, Anyes — a little touch of San Francisco! As a former landlady once said to me, "Be good to your house and it will smile back at you."

Richard Cottrell said...

It is so true, when you have an old house, work, work, work. I am sanding 5 porch floors with a palm sander and re- painting. The river, which is only a few 100 feet away, takes its tole on the paint at my house. And I might add, they do not make the paint as the used to. It is just worthless. Have a great 4th. Thanks for stopping by. Richard from My Old Historic House

The Dusty Victorian said...

Thank you Mark, I love San Francisco and love that saying - I'm going to use it.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Richard,
Truly labor of love. Thanks for dropping in.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...


You have more energy and determination than I do LOL! This old house needs so many repairs and TLC, yet I never seem to keep up with it all. You deserve that second kind of R & R after the great job you're doing with those shutters! :-)


The Dusty Victorian said...

Hi Pam,
That's too funny because when I saw your post on your kitchen floors, I thought "I could never do this, she has so much energy and determination".

I got quite overwhelmed last season with these windows, but one at a time it's getting done. I think what works for me is to try to stay focus on one project, but it's hard because like you, there is so much I want to do.
Make sure you get your real R & R Pam, thanks for dropping in.