Painting the Hallways at the DV

January 2013 at the DV started in the spirit of renewal - fixing, refreshing and painting, which are basically constants when one lives in a century home. Hoping to be done by February 1st, many interruptions, distractions and unforeseen little problems put us behind schedule. 
Not the prettiest post you will see, but here is the work in progress.

Brian filling holes and imperfections, sanding wall and trims.
I love discovering what were the previous colours of the house.  Sometimes a source of inspiration and re-used,  in this case: 'Dusty Rose'. I will pass.

The hallway upstairs where the glare of semi-gloss is very obvious.
Primer done on all wood trims and doors.

Brian started on the ceiling upstairs.
Now for the downstairs ceiling.
Two coats of 'Sugar Vanilla' ceiling paint - done.

The Dusty Victorian's original entrance medallion - now, that's more than pretty. Note the hook in the centre. The medallion has remained unwired for electricity all these years. It probably was meant to hang a lantern or chandelier. One of those things that is not a priority, but for which I'm keeping an eye out.

Stay tuned for further progress reports on the hallways. Soon, I hope.