Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steampunk - If the Victorians had Computers

On Halloween night, our trusted iMac computer expired. For six years, it kept us connected with family, friends and the rest of the world, helped me with freelance work and was an important artistic tool for both my daughter and I. Thank you iMac 10.4 for your reliability, you are now with your maker(s) and your parts will be recycled.

Like a major home appliance, we can't imagine functioning well without a home computer so here we are with a new iMac.

Hello iMac 10.7, welcome to the Dusty Victorian.

Before the 10.4 white iMac, we had the green iMac...

...and before that, we had the LC575. The difference in design shows distinctively the return of Steve Jobs to Apple, giving the products a fresh new look.

As much as I love the sleek design of contemporary Macs and modern technology, I also love history. Steampunk designers have combined both in those amazing creations - welcoming new technology without closing the door on the past. Here are just a few examples that would fit in nicely in my Victorian home.

Steampunk Workshop

Steampunk Workshop

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The Wood Guy

The Wood Guy

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