Friday, February 26, 2010

Central Foyer?

This post and the following three will be about the work in progress of, for lack of a better description, the central foyer. This area of the house is located at the end of the hallway, just before the kitchen. But it also leads to the dining room, the library and the powder room located under the staircase. Including the hallway door, it has five doors connecting to it. The wallpaper has to go. It's not offensive, but because that area is so small and filled with the moldings of all these doors, simplicity on the walls would be better. The steam cleaning machine was initially bought for health reasons, but it turned out to be an invaluable tool for removing wall paper.

The pretty suspended light, like most of the lighting in the house, was here when we moved in. By the molded frosted glass, I estimate circa 1940, but I can be wrong.

To me, looking at images of wall paper being stripped is like watching... someone stripping wall paper, but I hear that some house restorer enthusiast find the process really interesting. Perhaps it's the comforting feeling in seeing that they are not alone in doing this rather very unpleasant job. Then again, Brian has been doing this rather unpleasant job so I wouldn't know first hand. My enthusiasm lies more in the painting process; now that's like a three ring circus...


sunshine said...

Better you (or should I say Brian) than me! I had to strip a bunch of 1970ish wallpaper off this past summer and it was bullshit!!! :P

I can't wait to see it finished! Any thoughts on colour yet?


A. Kadowaki Busby said...

Hi Laura,

Yes, really nasty type of work. I'm not quite sure of the colour yet, but it would have to be a pale colour since this area has almost no natural light. That same colour will be in the powder room under the main staircase. I love deep rich dark colours, but i think it will be too spooky at night and I'm a scardy cat.

sunshine said...

I'm a scardy cat too! :P
I grew up in a really dark old farmhouse. I tend to shy away from deep, dark colours now. If I could, everything in my house would be yellow.
Laura loves yellow. :)