Monday, February 1, 2010

The Main Staircase

A welcoming sight upon entering our home is this lovely Grecian lady on the banister post. If you are lucky, the sun will be hitting the front doors and project the windows' etched patterns of hanging baskets onto the wall.

Above, the ceiling is adorned with a beautifully ornate medallion with a fruit theme. Once we are ready to paint this part of the house, we will make it stand out a little more. The stairs have a comfortable angle to them so you are not winded by the time you are upstairs. Surprisingly, they hardly creak. Yes, the carpet on the stairs must go, but it will stay there for as long as we foster dogs - it gives the beasts a sure footing. It's the only place in the house that has carpeting. I love persian rugs, but I love dogs even more so that indulgence will have to wait.

Millie, at the top of the stairs, is our current foster.

Violet is my high-spirited and passionate little Havanese.

Chaz is my easy-going and sensitive Tibetan Terrier rescue.


sunshine said...

I wrote a comment for this post at the same time as the Victorian post above. Blogger ate it, I got mad and didn't re write.
Basically what I said was how much I loved everything.
How beautiful is the shadow on the wall???
And those puppies. Too cute!


A. Kadowaki Busby said...

Hi Laura,

If you ever are passing through or near St Marys, let me know and we will give you private tour. But I'm warning you that we are not very tidy, unlike the impression you get from the pictures. And our beasts look like angels, but they have ADHD.


sunshine said...

My husbands brother lives in London so I could someday be close to your place.
I'd love a private tour! Thanks so much for the offer.
Believe me, I have 4 kids.. I don't expect a spotless house. I'd be disappointed if it was. (I hate spotless houses.) :P
Thanks again! Perhaps someday we will meet! :)


A. Kadowaki Busby said...

That would be lovely.