The Front Door and its Hardware

Here I go with the front door again.

The front door is obviously a very small part of the house, but I think its significance is large. In many ways it is the porthole to our lives.

The closed door is a barrier providing privacy; locked, it serves to protect those we love and safe-keep our belongings. The open door is a welcoming sign... for people, nature and sunlight.
I believe it's the first real impression the visitor receives of those who live behind it... an indication of how one will be treated. In short, I would not want people to expect Igor to answer the door when ringing our doorbell (which is original to the house by the way).

For months after moving in, we thought the doorbell was broken, until one evening a neighbour rang. We were surprised to hear a very clear, resounding bell. Needless to say we were a little embarrassed, but we had to ask him how he had made the bell ring. For those who will be visiting, you pull down on the little leaver. In our defense, that leaver was very stiff, it hadn't been used in at least two years.

Here is the beautifully ornate and original hardware used to keep our front door in full operation.

Door bell leaver