Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jewett & Root's Folding Door Stove

Most of the time, previous owners will leave behind unwanted things, also known as junk. But we discovered in the shed this beautiful stove. Note the intricate decorative details and elegant proportions - very Victorian. Jewett & Root's of Buffalo, New York were obviously very proud of their folding door concept, casting the words right under their names. Once refinished, it will make for a stunning outdoor fireplace.


Michael said...

Anyes: the house looks even nicer than when I was there last Holloween! where do you think you will put the stove?

Sharon Stults said...

I have the exact same stove!!!! But minr id minus the legs. Does yours have 3 or 4 legs?

Sharon said...

I have the exact same stove!!But mine is minus the legs. Does yours have 3 or 4 legs. I'm glad to have an image of yours to start my hunting.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Sharon, my stove has 4 legs, but one at the back is pretty fragile. The weight is incredible. Should you need close-up pictures of the legs let me know. Come spring I will be glad to oblige.
Thank you for dropping in.