Azalea Topiary- Surprise Blooms

I've been spending a lot of time in my studio this winter, trying very hard to keep the winter blues under control. The house's demands are put on hold so we can resume work with renewed interests come spring. On the B&B front, not much activity in winter aside from the occasional brave winter traveller. So the Dusty Victorian is somewhat sleepy. The only thing full of life is my azalea. It gave me a lovely gift of blooms, very much needed and appreciated at this time.

It feels so good just looking at it. Next year, I will get some spring bulbs and force them to flower during winter.

Hyacinths in bulb vases

Parrot tulipes-Robin Wood Flowers



Paper Whites-MerryPowell
I will be using clear glass containers. The roots are to be admired as much as the blooms.