Planning my Vegetable Garden

The Garden of Eden
Title page of John Parkinson's Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris
Published 1656

It looks like I've been neglecting the DV, but I was just down the hall in my studio.
That freakishly warm weather we've had three weeks ago gave me so much energy. I've been very productive with a commission and three paintings.

The seed beds I had started were placed outside during that warm weather and took no time to sprout, so it also gave me inspiration to plan my garden. Above is how I plan to divide it up - Italian Renaissance is the objective. The final result will probably be more like 'fusion chaos'. The centre circle will have a teepee type structure to support my snow peas and the smaller circles will be for the insect repellant Marigolds. As for the rest, I'll decide later where things will go.

Below are shots of how I make my paper seedling pots from toilet paper rolls and newspaper.

I also use whatever container I have at hand to start my seedlings - all recycled. But I don't skimp on the seedling soil - good quality organic mixture specially made for this purpose.

Different colour pumpkins for my autumn display, Brandywine heirloom tomatoes, snow peas, cucumbers and multi-coloured carrots. This year, I'm going to stagger the planting of some of my plants so I get a more steady crop throughout the season. I also started some Hollyhocks and will see how that goes. The rest will be bought at the nursery depending on the room I have left.

I'm quite new at this, so whenever I wonder about something, I call my mom. The next best thing is a visit to Our Vintage Garden  for a cornucopia of gardening information.

Happy Easter