Day Trip to Guelph - Not Waisted Time

During spring break, most families we know did "outdoorsy" stuff and got nice winter rosy cheeks. We kept our white pasty complexions and went to the Guelph Civic Museum. The main attraction, for me, was the undergarment exhibit. Not big, but nicely done. I love seeing up close, the amount of work that goes into making such a complex garment. 

This is the oldest corset at this exhibit, dating to the 17th century.

Inspiring for 2013 brides, I think.

 I had never seen a skirt cage up close

Great thing about smaller museums is that things are more accessible visually.

Few items are behind glass, such as these hip baskets and bustle pads, but one can walk around the display box.

Mid-20th-century lingerie

If you thought that a corset would be hell to endure all day, what about a rubber girdle.

Below are a few more antique and vintage apparel items from the Guelph Museum.

Hat pins, as mentioned in a newspaper article of the time, could be lethal self-defence weapon if jabbed in the face of an assailant. I guess you have to aim for the eyeball?

I'm leaving you with these lovely spring coloured hats and wish you a Happy Easter.