Three Bedrooms at The DV

From the outside, The DV appears dormant, but wintertime is a very busy time for refreshing the inside of the house. Astrid and I have been working on three of our four bedrooms,
In 1889, when the house was built, planning more space for the owner's bedroom was not a popular concept. All three bedrooms in the DV are about the same size. The English Study which serves as Brian's office with a single bedroom, is actually a little larger than the three other bedrooms because of the bay window.

Starting with ours, "The Master".

In one of the corners of the room, I painted this mural inspired by the pattern on my duvet.
Tree peonies and two birds in the Chinoiserie style.

The original light fixture in our bedroom was very similar to the one seen in the guest bedroom, but the bowl was cracked so it was replace with this contemporary chandelier to match with the curls of the metal wall ornament and fabric patterns.

The Guest bedroom with a hint of Japanese accents, has for a headboard, the doors that used to be the exterior front doors of the DV.

It is now furnished with antiques that once 
belonged to the second owners of the DV - The Harstones. 

The chest of drawers with vanity mirror and the small washing cabinet with towel bar adds warmth to the room.

This light fixture most certainly was installed when electricity became popular.

Last but not least, Astrid's bedroom.
A dream bedroom for many little girls. Astrid is now twenty (can't believe it).

Eastlake antique bed with a made to measure mattress. 
She did not outgrow the bed length, but very close.

The matching chest of drawers with vanity mirror where many hours are spent. The bedroom set also includes a washing cabinet (not seen) which serves her computer needs.

This gorgeous antique chandelier also came with the house and makes for the perfect 
"Princess Bedroom"