The Study

Pam from The Eastlake Victorian, reminded me, with her great post on wall papers, that another room at The Dusty Victorian needed to be shown. After the library, the dining room and the parlour/art studio, all three being intricately wall papered, the study is next.

Located in the tower part of the house on the upper level, it has a North-western exposure. The previous owners re-designed this room adding three built-in bookcases with drawers and cupboards at the bottom. They also added oak wood panelling and finished the room nicely with wall and ceiling paper. The richness, warmth and visual weight of the wood floors and wall panelling needed detailing at the top to balance it out.

Brian usually works downstairs in the library, but the library also serves as our family room and when it gets too noisy, he goes to his man cave, the study.

This oak desk was his grandfather's; it's perfect for this room.

The study also serves as an extra guest room with a single bed. I need to find the perfect bedding set, but this will do for now.

When we first started to look for a house, we came across so many old homes that had atrocious wallpaper form the 70s and 80s. I was completely turned off by it, even as wallpaper was making a strong comeback in the world of interior design. When we saw the Dusty Victorian, it was a whole different matter. Fifteen years after its application, the paper shows no signs of deterioration. Quality wall paper, tastefully selected in accordance to the vintage of the house and professionally applied, is worth the investment. I'm glad I was not the one making that initial investment, but I'm certainly glad I can appreciate it.