Thursday, April 1, 2010

Studio Vignette (The Parlour)

I'm skipping Central foyer-Part III until the powder room is painted.

My studio is set up on the main floor, in the parlour, opposite the library. It has a north-western exposure, is very bright with four windows and is nice and spacious. I've placed my painting table in the bay window area which gives me plenty of natural light all the way to sundown. The pocket doors open up to the dining room. Both rooms have been designed to complement one other with their coordinating colours and wallpaper design, but have slight variations.

I painted this buffet 12 years ago; we were astounded how well it matches this room. The two paintings above are cherished family heirlooms from Brian's side. The two Japanese dolls in the buffet, behind the glass doors are my cherished family heirlooms.

I need to change the colour of the slipcovers and paint the coffee table - too white, but it will do for now. The wood burning fireplace is operational; it does not produce much heat, but it makes for nice ambiance in winter.



sunshine said...

Beautiful! That's wonderful that you have all those windows and receive all of that natural light! Great space for your painting. :)

I love your buffet! The colours really do match the room amazingly well! You must have had a premonition all those years ago eh! :P

I love the ceiling.. I'm amazed at all of the detail!
My desire for my own "Dusty Victorian" has grown leaps and bounds since I began reading your blog!

Happy Easter to you and yours as well!


A. Kadowaki Busby said...

Hello Laura,

I can say now that I have a studio and an office, instead of a studio/office. I used to be set up upstairs in the spare bedrooms, but for painting, it was just too dark. So I've brought down all my painting stuff and left my office stuff upstairs. I've been so much more productive since. My office post will be for another time (after I clean it up).

The warm sun feels so good, at last.

Have a great Easter Monday!


The Blackwood Cottage said...

Beatiful home. It caught my eye on another blog and I had to check it out. I am an interior designer, painter and blogger too! You should do a painting blog...they are great. Interiors and dogs, love it!

A. Kadowaki Busby said...

Hello Machelle,

Thank you so much! So nice of you to drop in with your kind and encouraging words.