Spring 2010- Now that's more like it!

I inherited from my French-Quebec mother a love of flowers and from my Japanese-BC father the appreciation of a well-groomed garden. Great combo you would think, but I also inherited from him a weak back which throws a wrench into my ambitious plans for making our grounds looking like Butchart Gardens. Or it slows things down considerably. Gardening may be bad for my back, but it does wonders for my head. Besides, summertime is too short to ignore garden nymphs, satyrs and... fat babies calls to come play outside.

Walking up to our house you will see our beautiful Magnolia. I'm planning to make a wreath with the cuttings this summer.

The side path leading to the back yard, flanked by a row of Hostas. When in full bloom, you feel like a bride (did not have that type of wedding). Look to the left, and look up.

Frodo frog the gate keeper. Pass the gate to the back/side kitchen door. Seeing the contrast in the brick, in the past, there must have been a mud-room connecting to this door.

Entering the back yard patio where we will soon set up the dinning table and BBQ. Weather permitting, we eat outside all summer long.

Around the corner to the other side of the house...

...the other back/side door, this one to the library, under the wraparound porch. This is where I restore my shutters in summer.

The budgies' first outing.

Spring feels soooo good.