Sunday, April 11, 2010

Central Foyer? Part III - Finally

This area is the smallest we've painted yet, but it took the longest. It was like pulling teeth. Brian's wisdom teeth (the roots were shaped like a tripod), but I digress. We've been so busy that we could only work on it on Sundays. Here is the foyer and the powder room finally painted. I love this yellow and I'm pleased to say that the Natura paint from Home Hardware performed really well on two coats of primer. The paint was true to colour, had excellent coverage and it dried fast. We still had to do two coats of yellow, but that is to be expected with any paint, as far as I'm concerned. We were quite surprised how well it covered after the first coat. There was almost no paint odour, but I did detect a faint peanut butter aroma.
Two thumbs up for HH Natura paint. I still have to finish the powder room with accessories, vent plaque, etc... but the worst is done.


sunshine said...

Oh! I LOVE that yellow too! It looks amazing with the white molding.
What a great job.

I went back and re looked at the first and second sets of photo's. What an incredible improvement.
So worth it, I'm sure!

I loves me some yellow and am SO pleased that this turned out so well for you. :)

What's next????? :P


A. Kadowaki Busby said...

Thank you for your suggestion Laura, it looks so fresh and clean now. At night, it doesn't feel spooky anymore. Brian wants to tackle the hallways, which is a huge job because it includes the stairwell. But I think we should take a break from working inside the house because the nice weather is here. As fare as I'm concerned, in my free time, I will be outside improving the garden.
Have a great one.