Hallway Bench - 1st DIY of the Year

2016 began with the completion of a project I started last summer: a hallway bench using the footboard of an old bed. Antique beds are shorter and narrower than today's standards, making them rather impractical. At the risk of being cyber-chastised by the antique furniture purists, I decided to re-purpose the footboard and its wood frame into a bench for our hallway.
Measurements: 54½" wide x 14" deep x 19" heigh

Our basement has many pieces of scrap wood left behind by previous DV owners.  I was able to find an old plank for the seat. Although warped this part would be hidden by the cushions.  I had to purchase a piece of wood for the two front legs, customized to match the two back legs. Staining will come later.

Below are my two mitred corners.

With leftover fabric from an earlier sewing project, I made two thick seat cushions.
So they wouldn't look like pillows, I did some basic tufting.

Almost done.

I also had some beautiful fabric to make some cushion covers.

Very 'William Morris', in keeping with the vintage of the house.

The original railings are affixed to the board with metal hooks, but that makes the bench wobbly so I added a very long screw at the back to stabilize it.

original hooks 

Here we are, the front legs have been stained and all the scrapes and scratches have been touched up without loosing the original patina of the wood.

It sits below a tapestry dear to my heart for its romantic medieval scene; a couple in a garden surrounded by little creatures of all sorts.

Another creatures dear to my heart, my little senior Beauty.