Monday, September 15, 2014

Planter Box Furniture - Last DIY Project of the Season

I recently came across a nice little piece of furniture at my local vintage/thrift store Pass It On. A dainty planter box with shelf, to place near my front doors under the address plaque.

Of course, I could not leave it alone and wanted to refresh it -
as if I did not have enough of my veranda to paint.
So I put my trusty and lovely assistant Astrid on it. Actually, it's not really a DIY, but a ADI -
'Astrid Did It'.

 After sanding and priming it…

She painted it in the colours used on the house.

We filled the box with deep red daisy mums to match the red accents.

Done! She did a great job.
It now stands near the front door and will give ample opportunity to do pretty seasonal displays.

Getting ready for Autumn and wishing you a lovely one.

Friday, September 5, 2014

'Fretworking' - Part V and Putting Away the House Paint for this Season.

The Dusty Victorian's corner corbels
Moving on to the side porch, good progress was made, uninterrupted by rain.
I'm working on a portion that is as wide as my scaffold.

When we moved in, the old eavestrough was leaking badly, affecting the painted surface, but I'm always amazed how the woodwork is in remarkable shape under that peeling paint. Wood can withstand a lot a abuse. I had to strip a good portion of the old paint off.

Primed and...

painted. The back end corner is completed.

Moving my scaffold to the next post to work on the remaining portion and finish this section.

Primed and…


Voila, the first side section is completed.
The side veranda has three sections measuring on average twelve feet each.

 This will end my fretwork for the season. If it hadn't been for the rain, I think I would have been able to finish the veranda, but what can one do.

Anyway, I will resume work next Spring and finish the four remaining sections
(two in the side and two in front). So Summer 2015 is already planned.

The leaves will soon be turning, yellow, orange, red and every shade in between.

Monday, August 18, 2014

'Fretworking' - Part IV

It's mid-August and summer is turning out to be a rainy one, just like last year. In addition, we've experienced crazy winds and the worst hail storm Brian and I could recollect.
There's been very little progress on my fretwork, but I've managed to complete the end portion of the porch. 
So, the beginning section in front and the end section in back are done, but nothing in between. It's been a frustrating summer for exterior improvements.

Obviously, the end section was in desperate need of TLC. The woodwork on the South-East side of the house is always considerably more damaged then the North-East side.

 I never thought I could feel love for a scaffold.

 After scraping and sanding, the primer…

 then the painting.
Here we are, finally done. Needless to say, I had no use for my water barrel this year again. It will soon be stored away in the shed/playhouse (which is not finished either by the way).

The end portion is completed. 
Is it too much to ask for the last two weeks of August to be normal summer weather - that is, warm and sunny?