Silk Curtains in the Eastlake Princess Bedroom

Okay, back to the DV.

Some beautification went on recently, this time in my daughter's bedroom. When furnishing and decorating a room, I don't rush it. I tend to keep things forever so I wait for the right things to come along, preferring quality over quantity. I'm also on a budget, so I wait for sales. My home is a work in progress.

The curtains are a new addition to Astrid's bedroom. She had chosen this beautiful pale chartreuse silk jacquard fabric - a colour found in the pattern of her bed quilt. It was very thin so I bought a weighty taffeta to use as lining. The tarnished brass rods belonged to the house -found in a closet - but they had no matching supports, so I bought some wooden ones painted in a distressed gold. I also needed some rings for the rods, tassels for the ties, then I was ready to start sewing. I wanted to keep the style fresh and light, suitable for a girl's room so instead of a heavy curtain header, I sewed some beads at the top to match the wall colour and the rod colour.

The windows at the DV are quite tall, but narrow, so I thought doing one panel per window would look less fussy. Tying them to one side is in Astrid's style.

In this shot, you can see better the lace Romans behind the silk curtains. They used to hang in the parlor when we moved in, but now that the parlor is my studio, I thought they would be better suited for a pretty bedroom.

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Victoria Day

Queen Victoria with her favourite Border Collie Sharp

Although my taste and interest exceeds things Victorian, I try to keep this blog as Victorian as possible. This coming Monday will be Victoria Day, a statutory holiday for Canadians in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday. It also unofficially marks the beginning of Summer - What!?! What happened to Spring?

Kismutt Dog Walk

This coming Saturday May 14th will be the first Kismutt Dog Rescue fundraiser. Come and walk your dog(s) at the picturesque Milt Dunnell Fields and help Kismutt in its mission to give dogs a new life filled with love.

A message from Kimberly Thomas, owner and operator of Kismutt:
Dear Friends of Kismutt Dog Rescue:

Since 2005, Kismutt Rescue has adopted out just over 1200 puppy mill dogs into wonderful homes! Each one of you that have adopted a puppy mill dog, I thank you deeply.

For the first time, Kismutt Dog Rescue is reaching out and doing a fundraiser to help cover the costs of saving these precious dogs. Last year we spent just over $27,700.00 on vetting these dogs.

Two St. Mary's High School girls, Crystal Oliver and Christina Partridge, have decided to do a "Walk in the Park" fundraiser for Kismutt Rescue! I really hope you can join us at "The Flats" in St. Marys, Ontario on Saturday May 14th at 9:30 am. Please bring your rescue dog (and other dogs you may have) and enjoy a very scenic walk followed by a Pet Show! "The Flats", or otherwise called "Dunny's Field", is a very beautiful park along the river, so bring a picnic lunch and enjoy with the whole family! For those of you that have GPS, the address is: 120 Parkview Drive St. Marys, ON N4X 1A8

I really hope that you can attend because it will be AMAZING to see all these furry four-legged friends that I have adopted out over the years. It will be a great socialization time too, to speak with other rescue families and see their dogs. What I am most looking forward to, is seeing how these puppy mill dogs have blossomed from lost timid souls into happy, healthy, out-going, and vibrant doggies!

If you are unable to attend, you can still send in your pledge forms and make the cheque payable to "Kismutt". Please mail to Kismutt Dog Rescue, R.R. # 4 - 882702 Rd. 88 St. Marys, ON N4X 1C7.

There will be some great prizes to be won at the pet show that will be held at 2:00 p.m. sharp! Three judges will be judging:

Smallest Dog
Largest Dog
Best Trick
Shortest Coat
Longest Coat
Best Wagging Tail
Most Unique Breed
Cutest Dog
Ugliest Dog
Most Unique Color
Best Look-a-like (with owner)
Most Obedient (sit, stay, down)
Least Obedient
Best Vocal Performance
People's Choice

Please don't forget to watch the video and I hope to see you all on Saturday May 14th 9:30 am!!


Studio Vignette is happy to donate a gift certificate - one of many prizes to win during this event.

Clicking on the image below will bring more details.
Kismutt was on our local news