Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mon Valentin Victorien

Last year, I decided to part with my ususal house post to do a special Valentine one. I will do it again this year... besides, nothing much is going on in and around the house these days, except for snow shovelling. Last year was about Victorian unmentionables, this year it's about exquisite Victorian jewellery, items found on Etsy. These objets are some of my favorite ones. Absolutely gorgeous and very romantic in my opinion, but do browse through the shops, you will be dazzeled.

Here are a few of my favorites from: neederbug

Notice that these earings have different cameo profiles, one of a woman, one of a man. What a lovely couple.

This miniature pendant speaks volumes for Valentine.

These two miniature paintings are jewells for your walls.

From: boylerpf

How sweet this bangle is! For a beloved daughter perhaps?

Unlike traditional lockets, this pivoting one looks very timeless.

Water drops filled with flowers decorate these beautiful pendant earings.
Who wouldn't melt getting those.

If the man asks for your hand in mariage, don't say yes unless you see this baby.

From: AntiquingOnLine

Imagine writing a love letter to your Valentine with this Garnet-encrusted pen while wearing the Garnet bangle. I have a feeling the passion would come pouring onto the page.

Happy, Lovely Valentine!


AntiquingOnLine said...

I'm thrilled to have my shop featured in . My shop AntiquingOnLine is in such great company! Thanks.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Wonderful Victorian finds...timeless and elegant! Thank you so much for featuring our bangle and locket!

Laura said...

What beautiful items! I REALLY love the man and woman cameo earrings. My fav's. ;p

I cannot believe that it's been a year since you did the Victorian Undergarment post! Time sure does fly....
I hope you and hubby have a lovely Valentines Day. :)

Laura(aka-The professional snow shoveler)

Penny said...

What a pleasant surprise to be featured in your shop along with other shops I so admire. I've had my eye on the lovely locket bracelet for some time.
Thank you, Penny aka Neederbug

The Dusty Victorian said...

Dear AntiquingOnLine,
Your very welcome, the pleasure was all mine.

Dear Alicia,
I agree, these are timeless treasures, true heirlooms.
My pleasure.

Dear Laura,
I know, it's been a year, I can't believe it.
Those earings - mama like!
Thank you for droping in, it's always nice to conect with you. Happy Valentin to you and Seb as well.

Dear Penny,
Thank you for droping in, I thought my old Victorian house would be right up your alley. Yes, that bracelet is lovely, I first saw it as a ring for some reason. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Anyès, those are excellent choices! I would be happy with any one of them! I particularly like the garnet-encrusted pen. Very chic!

Take it easy shoveling. You have a lot of steps to clear off, don't you?!


The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Pam,
Excellent choice!
Yes, we do have lots of steps in the front, but I have to admit that Brian does 95% of the shovelling. Because of my bad back, I just do the occasional genteel sweeping off the doorstep.
Always nice to talk to you.