Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silk Curtains in the Eastlake Princess Bedroom

Okay, back to the DV.

Some beautification went on recently, this time in my daughter's bedroom. When furnishing and decorating a room, I don't rush it. I tend to keep things forever so I wait for the right things to come along, preferring quality over quantity. I'm also on a budget, so I wait for sales. My home is a work in progress.

The curtains are a new addition to Astrid's bedroom. She had chosen this beautiful pale chartreuse silk jacquard fabric - a colour found in the pattern of her bed quilt. It was very thin so I bought a weighty taffeta to use as lining. The tarnished brass rods belonged to the house -found in a closet - but they had no matching supports, so I bought some wooden ones painted in a distressed gold. I also needed some rings for the rods, tassels for the ties, then I was ready to start sewing. I wanted to keep the style fresh and light, suitable for a girl's room so instead of a heavy curtain header, I sewed some beads at the top to match the wall colour and the rod colour.

The windows at the DV are quite tall, but narrow, so I thought doing one panel per window would look less fussy. Tying them to one side is in Astrid's style.

In this shot, you can see better the lace Romans behind the silk curtains. They used to hang in the parlor when we moved in, but now that the parlor is my studio, I thought they would be better suited for a pretty bedroom.

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Richard Cottrell said...

Curtains always seem to add charm and a finishing touch to a room. These curtains look soft like a young girl. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

The Dusty Victorian said...

I agree Richard, thank you.

Karena said...

Anyes I love your site, the detail of the images are so gorgeous!

Art by Karena

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You will love it!

Mrs. D said...

Hi Anyes,

Oooooo, I love these. You are so talented. I always enjoy seeing your great projects and photos.

Mrs. D

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Karena,
Welcome to the Dusty Victorian and thank you for your kind words, I'm very flattered. I will check out Serena & Lily. Thank you for the invite.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hey Mrs. D,
Thank you so much. I choose my projects carefully - things I can handle, but you are the master when it comes to projects. Always a pleasure,

Anonymous said...

Haven't read your blog in quite awhile. Am all caught up now. Interesting topics, great pictures!

Doug Kadowaki

Laura said...

Okay, when does Astrid move out so that I can move in????
Love those curtains. You did a most execellent job. They are so pretty and feminine. Just lovely! The DV is so lucky that your family bought her. :)


The Dusty Victorian said...

Hi Doug,
What a nice surprise! So glad you enjoy the Dusty Victorian - thank you.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hi Laura,
Thank you so much. I can totally imagine you in this girly girl, romantic bedroom.
Thanks for dropping in - always a pleasure.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Hi Anyès-

Astrid is one lucky princess! Her room is gorgeous! I love all the Eastlake furniture, and the colors are all so pretty and pastel. You did a fabulous job with the curtains! Love the color, and the Roman shades do look great in the room. Well done! I'm like you, I wait years for just the right thing I can afford, then hang onto it the rest of my life! Slow-going process, but you end up with something you really love in the end! :-)


The Dusty Victorian said...

Thank you so much Pam. I know, we live in such a consumer based, disposable minded society. I always say to myself when buying something - "Do I like it or do I love it" and it's surprising how many times I come back empty handed, but when I do buy it, it's mine for ever. Always nice talking to you.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

The Dusty Victorian's decorator writes about curtains, but the Ruffnerian looks at all the other details! I really like how all the furniture matches the room's trim, both in white color and in style. And then (because I'm constantly painting rooms) I notice what a splendid job you've done of cutting in the paint edges. Most people don't realize that such a tiny detail makes a huge difference in the way a room is perceived! A lovely room for Astrid!

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Mark,
Yes, a steady hand is essential and practice makes perfect (as long as I don't drink too much coffee). In the last three years - since we've moved here, I feel like I have had a paint brush for a right hand. Wonderful compliment, thank you so much.