Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eastlake Princess Bedroom

The first room we repainted after we moved in was the bedroom our daughter would choose to sleep in. It has a bright south-west exposure, two windows, lovely view of the nature trail bridge and when the trees are defoliated, we can see the River Thames. The girl instinctively knew which room was the best. I found in the classifieds this antique Eastlake bedroom set and knew right away she would love it. Very shabby chic, it fits right into the vintage of our country house. At the risk of being chastised by antique furniture purists, I think Eastlake furniture looks better painted. The marble lamp with the love birds used to belong to my grandparents on my mother's side. The spectacular chandelier was already in the house when we took possession and most probably is an antique as well. Since we finished this room, our tween has added a million girly girl nicknacks and whatnots, making it truly her own.

A custom made mattress had to be especially made for this antique bed. It's a little narrower than a double bed and a little shorter as well.

 The vanity with chest of drawers and bookcase.

 Small chest of drawers with cabinet, originally used for washing up. A big pitcher and bowl would have been resting on the top. Note the towel bares on each sides.

 Stunning antique glass chandelier.

 Antique marble night light, family heirloom.

The ornate cast iron heating vent. The air flow can be controlled by a small leaver at the base.


sunshine said...

Oh my gosh! It's lovely!
I'm serious when I say "breathtaking".
I agree with you about the furniture. It is wonderful painted. The chandelier is beautiful and fits in so perfectly.
Of course that room HAD to be hers!!!

The last picture, is that a heating grate thingy? (yikes! showing how stupid I am).
We had something similar in the house that I grew up in. Not as big but along the same lines. It hid the heating vent.

Again... beautiful. What a wonderful job you did with this room!


A. Kadowaki Busby said...

Thank you so much Laura,
You're correct, it is the heating grate.

I grew up in a post war suburban on level house, too small for 5 kids so Astrid's bedroom was the bedroom I wished I had when I was a little girl. Most probably the dream of every little girly girl.