Victorian Shutters - Part... I don't know anymore

Yes, bear with me, I'm back to working on my shutters and windows. I've had a late start on them because of a bad spring, but I'll spare you the unsightly details of peeling paint and "gunky" stripping and skip to shots closer to the finished stages.

I'm prioritizing, restoring the windows and shutters that were the most damaged first. We felt a noticeable difference last winter - rooms with windows that had been restored seemed warmer.

My working station, under the side porch where it's shaded and breezy.

Locations where the restored shutters will hang.

Above the side porch, south windows.

Back upper windows, east side.

Front upper windows, west side.

The stripped hardware from the shutters. They had been soaking all winter in an eco friendly stripper. When came time to clean them up, I just used a toothbrush, soap and water. If you really want to see "gunky" stripping go to this related post.

The spray painted hardware, ready to be screwed back on the shutters.