Parlor Window - Part I

Now that I've recharged my battery, I'm back to business. I decided to hold off on Astrid's bedroom windows for now and wait until she's off in Montreal visiting family. Meanwhile I have resumed work on the parlor window, a/k/a the studio. Located in the tower part of the house on the main level, it's double in width and has architectural detailing not found on the other windows. The arch at the top is like a trompe-l'oeil in that it does not translate to the inside of the room. It's double in width and has a decorative centre post - features, in my opinion, that should be emphasized. Because the tower and its windows are one of the main architectural feature of the house, they should be treated accordingly.

The house faces west and is on a hill; from 2:00 pm until sunset, it is bathed with sun. I think the Dusty Victorian looks its best during the golden hour, but on bad days the face of the house can be battered with hail and rain pushed by wicked winds. Needless to say, I had a lot of scrapping and sanding to do.

On the inside, there is no arch.

Small part of the work is done.
Colour blocking, detailing, and second coats need to be applied.

Imagine with the porch painted...

Three days of rain forecasted for our area is interrupting my window work, but that's okay, it will give me a chance to work on an art project I've been pondering.