Victorian Kitchen Door

The weather is changing and becoming unreliable for exterior painting projects, but I'm happy that my exterior kitchen door is all painted and back into the swing of things. The interior one can be done later in my studio.

Remember that sad looking door?

It really needed some TLC



and painted.

The etched design in my front entrance doors is, once again, a source of inspiration. This time I'm using a different portion of the design. Instead of using the corner patterns, I'm using the central one under the flower pot. Its suits better the rectangle shape found on the kitchen door. To see the post on the front entrance door go here.

After tracing it from the window, I clean it up and transfer it to a thicker paper so I can use it as a template. When the pattern is symmetrical, I only do half and flip it to get a perfect mirror image.

It's now ready to be filled in with my Garnet colour paint.

Voila! Fresh, clean and pretty.

The matte black hardware on the door is consistent with the cast iron shutter hardware. To clean and oil the handle's mechanism makes a huge difference in how it operates now. Not to mention that a complete set of screws really helps. 

The inside of the door is kept clean and simple, only the hardware offers a contrast. I will soon have to remove the screen frame insert and put in the glass one - sigh... summer's almost over.

UP-DATE - Sept 19th, 2014
 The inside door was painted to coordinate with the exterior door...

and the shutters.