Chandelier Porch Light

Patience is a must when owning an old home and following a budget. Tending to the 'container' must have priority over the content. Repairs, restorations and replacements come first, while decoration and beautification are a distant second. But sometimes, it's nice to break the rule and indulge in aesthetic improvements even though it's not a priority.

For a while now, I've been keeping an eye open for a porch light. Something old with some 'oomph'. Then I found it, a beautiful chandelier, Plaire on Etsy – Thank you, Shealagh, for great customer service.

Don't know much about this piece. It's not Victorian, but it has the spirit. The unusual flattened shape makes it perfect for where it will hang since the box on the ceiling is close to the wall. The chandelier is an unexpected choice, but I think it gives the house more whimsy and romance. It had a brown/rust finish, so I spray painted it flat black for an old cast iron look. Pieces such as these trigger my imagination. Its unusual shape makes me wonder where it might have hung in the past. I know I'll be regularly sweeping away the spider webs, but it'll be well worth the effort.

The timid ceiling light to be replaced...
by a more exuberant choice.
Hanging near the little bistro set. 
Inconspicuous wires anchor it in place so it doesn't sway or swing into the glass window.
Lighting to a house is like jewellery on a woman.
Not only does it illuminate the exterior entrance,...
but the interior one as well.
A Happy Thanksgiving to all!