Colour Palette

Coming from a design background, the selection of a colour palette is a very long, subjective process. But selecting colours for a house was an even harder task than expected. Natural light, which affects the appearance of colours throughout the day and the bleaching effects of the sun need to be taken into serious consideration. The previous owner had selected aubergine/taupe/dark green/cream. A very sophisticated selection I highly respect, but from a distance and with time, the aubergine now appears brown and the dark green appeared black, making this colour palette too neutral, sombre and giving the house a foreboding look. I'm in the beginning process of trying out different colour combinations. Sage green/burnt red/sage cream, is my first attempt. This particular green was one of the house's original colours, discovered while stripping the storm doors. I thought I would give it a try and see how it reacts to the different lights of the day, and to see if I still like it come Spring. I also think that this burnt red would make for a beautiful entrance door.