Chambers of Horrors - The basement

Halloween approaching, I thought it would be a good time to give you a tour of the Dusty Victorian's dreadful basement. I asked my 12-year-old daughter to come down with me while I take pictures because I'm a notorious scaredy-cat. I clung to her like a giant siamese twin growing out of her back keeping my head low to avoid all the spider webs.

There is a reason why I never did a post of the kitchen at the Dusty Victorian. Simply said, it's awful, only second place to the basement. Here is the door to the basement. A previous owner must have needed a door handle and used this one, replacing it with a little hook???

Beginning of the horror is this circa 70's carpet going down the stairs.

The dungeon walls. Only things missing are the metal cuffs and chains.

The original water reservoir (partly destroyed) from where rain water was collected through a downspout. The water would be pumped upwards to the kitchen. I'm thinking, great place to bury a body and seal it up.

In a adjacent chamber, shelving where architectural elements from the house come to rest and other things like this boot. My question: What happen to the other boot? Was the foot severed in a scything accident?

Another chamber, where the fearless Violet is entering. She kind of has a spooky look to her. Poor attempt at making this door look better through white wash. Did not work.

Who in hell would do their laundry here!

Back to civilization! At this point I'm so glad to see this carpet. I have to take a shower now.

Happy Halloween!