Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn - Must.... Fight.... Hibernation

Autumn is beautiful, but it makes me feel lazy and bored with everything. It's like an appetizer that looks good, but tastes just so-so, before a dreadful main dish: winter. I'm already feeling the effect of low light and short days. But I'm determined to not let it get to me, so on the weekend I decided to do my door wreath.
I bought this twig wreath at the Salvation Army years ago. It makes for a great base for new seasonal styles. This time, I used leaves from my magnolia tree, flowers from my hydrangeas bush and faux fruits I already had in my stash of decorating stuff. The natural elements should weather nicely, taking on gold and copper hues and slowly exposing the twigs behind.

Wishing us all a mild and dry autumn.


sunshine said...

Well I'm the opposite. I find summer boring in some ways. :)
Love Autumn. It's my time.
Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday!!!! And Halloween! Shut up! I love it!

And I'm loving that wreath! You are so imaginative. I really admire your creativity and wish that I was more like that!
It turned out beautifully!


The Dusty Victorian said...

Hi Laura,
I do enjoy Thanksgiving and Halloween though, they are the best thing of autumn.
Your imagination is in your kitchen with those amazing desserts.

suzieQ said...

first time reader, the picture of your home interested me. Where is such a lovely home I wondered. So, had to check out your site.
I know what you mean about fall. I was just telling someone that I like the weather, the leaves are beautiful, the bugs are dead (LOL) but fall means winter is coming. As you said, it is a horrible main dish. I like that you and I are on the same page. The darkness, oh how I loath November. I always feel that that month is something to get through. I have a mental picture of pulling my hat down, and hurrying to walk as quickly as I can onto December.
I get you...and I LOVE Halloween, but winter-UGH!
From Sue in Maine.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Sue,
Welcome and thank you for your visit. You live in a gorgeous state from what I remember of a vacation in my early twenties. But I understand that winters can be quite brutal as well. I think the trick to getting through it, is to keep busy with several on going projects. Time goes by faster when one is busy. Anyway, that is my strategy. That and layering.
Keep well and keep warm,