Christmas Decoration 2015, Completed - 18th-Century Gown, DV Style

The Countessa Ephemera's evergreen gown for Christmas 2015 is completed.

Made with three different kinds of evergreen (cedar, blue spruce and yew), hydrangeas and branches. from my property. I also recycled a few decorative elements from past Christmases.

This shot was taken in the dining room, I had to move the table out of the way to get a clear shot. The wall sconces on each side and the valence drapes helps in creating an 18th century mood.

Here seen with the coordinating headdress. If the Countessa still had her head attached to her body, she would strike a very tall figure at 8 feet not counting the branches sticking out from above her flowery wig. On her feet, lovely heels such as these and in her hand a delicate fan.

The gown has been placed outside on my front veranda 
where it will stay fresh and green all winter.

Hope you enjoyed the making of the Countessa's new gown and headdress.
Wishing you all a most lovely holiday season.