Christmas Diamond Ornament 2015 - Last DIY of the Year.

A cazillion karat diamond pendant for my house
The last DIY creation of 2015 was made by my daughter, Astrid. It started out as a school art project about three years ago, made from shards of broken mirrors. I was incredibly worried, but not wanting to smother her creativity, encouraged reluctantly with many words of caution. As it was progressing, I could see tremendous potential as a bold and festive holiday ornament for the entrance to The Dusty Victorian.

The base structure was made with corrugated cardboard and every bits of broken mirror she could get her gloved hands on from her clumsy family and friends. We are not superstitious. The shards of mirror were applied with hot glue creating a sort of mosaic madness.

To securely suspend the diamond, I used a 30lbs-capacity picture frame wire. Starting at the bottom point, I weaved several strands together, similar to a basket and made my way upwards to the widest part of the diamond. I then gathered all the strands at the top centre to form a strong loop.

And voila! It's now hanging at our entrance with delicate strands of pine greenery.
Note that for obvious reasons, I do not recommend to anyone this DIY project.

Wishing you all a very cheerful holiday season!
And Chazy-Bear, at the top of the stairs,
wants me to remind you of the many animal shelters that need help.