Saturday, February 2, 2013

Painting the Hallways - Part II

We're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, literally. We've been living here for four years, but I felt the hallways still belonged to the previous owners. We took possession and now claim them as our own with fresh coats of paint.

Still a lot to do, but it's getting there.

The little light goddess figures nicely on a yellow background and the 14 1/2"-high floor mouldings proudly lead the way.

Below, a few 'work in progress' shots.

Upstairs ceiling is done.
The application of the yellow paint has started upstairs while Astrid is finishing downstairs.
We're going to take a well-deserved break for a couple of days.

Opposite view upstairs.


Deanna said...

I'm envious! She looks beautiful!

You have made great headway in your lovely Victorian House. For sure you will enjoy the fruit of your labor.

We have a hallway that will get attention way down the line. Working on a 2 bedrooms right now and then onto a kitchen.

I will do a dance when I FINALLY have a Kitchen.

God bless,

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Deanna and welcome to the DV. Thank you so much for cheering us on - you certainly can relate. You have a lovely house and family.
Thanks for dropping in.

Lottie said...

Thank you for posting the photos! The hall looks beautiful!

The Dusty Victorian said...

Thanks so much Lottie,
The 'work in progress' shots are almost painful to look at, but it's worth it at the end.
Always a pleasure,

JC said...


Mark D. Ruffner said...

Your halls sparkle, Anyes! It's amazing what elbow grease and paint can do for a house. I am most impressed with those floor mouldings! They are the icing on the cake!

The Dusty Victorian said...

Thanks so much JC.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Mark,
Few colours make the spirits sparkle as well. Very much needed at this time of the year for me. Yes, those mouldings are a real feature now and I feel the hallway is at least three inches wider.

Mrs. D said...

Hi Anyes,

I'm inspired by all your hard work in the long hallways.

Now that you are done with that project . . . what will be your next one?

You are always welcomed to come here and paint my upstairs hallway (28 ft. long). I finished wall crack repairs and walls are resurfaced and ready to prime and paint.

Seeing your light airy walls, tells me I should learn from your wisdom and keep my walls light also.

Congratulations Anyes. A beautiful job.

Mrs. D

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Linda,
Labour of love one can only do for one's home I'm afraid :)
I love your dark rich colours, your house, most probably, gets more natural sunlight than mine.
Come spring, I will be going back to painting the porch - side banister, gingerbread and skirt, amoungst other things.
Always a pleasure,