Friday, February 15, 2013

Painting the Hallways - Mission Accomplished!

Even though - or perhaps, because - I was born in the dead of winter, I very much suffer from those cold and dark months. Those who've been following this blog for a little while may have got a sense that I'm a summer child. I'm an early riser. I'm most productive during the morning and can only do my artwork in natural daylight. In the summer months, I'm like a songbird - up at the crack of dawn and powering down when the sun sets. Come autumn, I feel like a bear looking for a hole to curl up in.

So, if one doesn't have sun and warmth, one must create it.

Let there be light!

With the light paint colours, this stair runner is too bold. Something in the William Morris style would be ideal, but it will have to wait. The wall on the right, leading to the kitchen is earmarked for a mural.
The two rooms connected to the hallway on the main floor are the library on one side and my studio (previously, the parlour) on the other. The yellow I chose was found on both wall papers adorning the rooms. In the library, the highlights on the lion's coat and many details in the ceiling patterns. In the studio, the lemons in the lower section and small flowers near the ceiling.


Don't get me wrong, I love dark, rich colours. The previous owner's selection was very sophisticated, uncommon and elegant, befitting the style of the house. And if one can live with a darker palette, one should go ahead and do it. I took these shots the first winter after we moved in to the DV. Very atmospheric, elegantly spooky, don't you think? Don't mind the otherworldly orbs. The hallway entrance was, after all, the first tangible contact we had with the DV and we fell hard for this house.

We still have to do minor touch-ups, a window covering and a cushion on the trunk but this huge painting job is pretty much done.

Brian replacing his books, alphabetical by author, of course.

Thank you for following me on this project.
I feel like my inner bear is morphing into a song bird...

or perhaps a Harpy.
I Schipper 1660 graveur Matthius Merian naar J.Jonstons' "Naekeurige Beschryvingh van de Natuur"


Mark D. Ruffner said...

Your paint job turned out splendidly, but then borrowing from William Morris' palatte is bound to be a succees — I like his designs so much. I also like that you have a bookcase in the hallway. I'll bet that's a treat for your guests!

Lottie said...

I've been following the transformation. Love the lighter color! Just beautiful!

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Mark, thank you,
I agree, W. M. Is my 'go to' guy and I don't have to go far. He's on my walls and in my bookcases.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Lotie,
Thank you, so glad you enjoy the new colour. I now can go back to my studio and put some colours on my canvas.

GinaBVictorian said...

Hi Anyes! Your walls look great! Can't wait to see the mural! I like the contrast of the stair runner, it matches the colors in your Library paper. I love those papers in your Library and Studio, gorgeous! Thanks so much for your visit and comment, it made me feel really good, I would love to be a museum curator! Gina

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Gina,
All the stars must align for me to start on this hallway mural and there are many stars, but I hope that it will be in autumn of this year. Thank you for your kind words.