Christmas Gown, 2016 - Jane Austen's Regency Style

It is again the time of year when my old friend the Countess Papera Ephemera makes it known to me that she wants a new gown for the Holidays. 
I've been dipping into the elegant Regency style for inspiration to show the Countess what she would have been wearing had she kept her head and lived to see the nineteenth century. 

New York: Rizzoli, 1990
Jane Austen's Town and Country Style by Susan Watkins is an excellent reference book for those wanting information on the Regency era. To me, Jane Austen is intrinsically linked to this period as her novels paint such a rich and vivid portrait of her time.

The prevailing taste for classical simplicity was reflected in fashion.
The high waist, fluid column folds mimicking ancient greek statues was the Regency's signature look, made popular by the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine.

Trains replaced hoops, but both determined the quality and wealth of the lady. 
This beautiful silk embroidered gown worn by Empress Josephine will be the inspiration for the Countess' new evergreen dress. 

Let's see how this one turns out.