Thursday, July 28, 2016

Last Stages of Painting the DV - Summer 2016 - Completed

The Dusty Victorian, June 2016
The Dusty Victorian has a fresh new lace ribbon around her hat.

Painter Eric Voermans started two and a half weeks ago on the front of the tower part and ended yesterday on the side of the tower, seen above and below.
The moment after Eric applied his last stroke of paint to The Dusty Victorian.

We are very pleased with our decision in hiring Eric Voermans for this paint job. He was professional,  punctual, clean and courteous. He proceeded with caution for himself and for the surrounding gardens. He gave us an excellent, fair and honest estimate cost. Very quiet, we only heard the clangs of his ladders once in a while. No ghetto blaster playing awful commercial hits or country/western tunes, too often heard when hiring contractors. 
Once on his ladder, Eric is focussed and efficient like The Terminator, he even has a similar accent. 
But unlike The Terminator, he has a nice and warm personality.

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