Last Stages of Painting the DV - Summer 2016 - Part IV

The Dusty Victorian Corner Details
Monday morning, Eric was punctual as usual, starting his day at 8:00 am. It had rained heavily the night before, but with a deep overhang, dampness was not an issue. Things dry pretty quickly when on a hill as there's often a breeze.

Here he is on the south side of what use to be the servants' section.

Having passed the corner, here he is above the library window. The end of the veranda was painted by moi a few years ago.

Finishing off the South side right at the front corner. Loads of nooks and crannies. 

The corner is done and Eric has made it to the front of the house.

 This is pretty much where Eric left off today. He will come back tomorrow for the last stretch and the completion of the project.

I'm sure he will never forget The Dusty Victorian - she is memorable for so many reasons.