Last Stages of Painting the DV - Summer 2016

The last stages of painting our house is underway, but this responsibility has been entrusted to experienced professional St Marys' painter Eric Voermans. I can handle many repairs, but I know my limits; vertigo is one of them. Facia, soffit, brackets, sawn scroll work, bargeboard, finials, are all outside my comfort zone because they are 20 to 26 feet above terra firma. 

Eric's process is to first go all around the house, scraping, sanding and priming. 
Then, go around again to paint. 
Four colours will be used.

Day 1: Eric started with the front corner of the north face and made his way to the back.

Day 2: Here he is ending the northern face on the narrower portion of the house (aka the servants' quarters).

Day 3: He started on  the eastern face of the servants' quarters.

Day 4: He made his way around to the south side of the servants quarters.

Stay tuned for Eric's progress on the DV.