Christmas Gown, 2016 - Jane Austen's Regency Style - Part III, The Greenery

English gown from c.1805-1810. Philadelphia Museum of Art

I've collected my greenery by trimming our evergreens. Glad that this year's gown won't take as much as last year's 18th century one.
Cedar, Yew, Fir, Juniper
Starting from the bottom, I used all the juniper branches around the hem

Working my way upwards, I switched to the yew branches using the underside to create a stronger contrast between the different greens.

I like the different textures and the 'ombre' effect.

In my free time, I painted and dusted with sprinkles some pinecones, sedum branches and hydrangeas from my backyard. Almost everything I use is recycled or from around my house.