Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Gown, 2016 - Jane Austen's Regency Style - Part IV, The Bust

Bust of Empress Josephine by Joseph Chinard, 1805
Musée du Château, Malmaison, France
For the bodice, I used my garden sedum, previously enhanced with red sparkles. 
I used my glue gun to apply small clusters over the bust area, front and back. 

So the sleeves would be big and puffy looking, I added bunched up chicken wire where the sleeves would be. It offered support for my hydrangeas.

Side details of bodice.

I decorated the area under the bust with a central painted pinecone, beads and gilded leaves.

For the back, a huge red velvet flower and my Luna moth 
over a satin and gold thread bow.

Almost done.

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