Victorian Underwear in my Laundry Room - Part III

I made a lot of progress this week - not too many distractions aside from our furnace breaking down. I won't blog about that, it would be like turning the knife in the wound. Okay. so back to pretty, feel good things. In the shot above, the basic shading has been applied and what follows are some progress shots for each garment, starting with the first on the line, the chemisette.

Guide lines for...

...many frills and tucks.

Black hose #1

I drew the details with a grey wooden pencil because I liked the grainy effect it gave the hose.

The corset would have most probably been flung open over the line to dry saddle style, but
how pretty would that have been.

Cosrets are a wonderful subject for someone who's very detailed orientated.

There will be more details added later, but I have to leave it alone for now. Please visit Donna at Streets of Salem for her lovely post on corsets (and her excellent blog).

The knickers paired with the chemisette above, could make for very pretty pyjamas.

Rose embroidered pattern at the waist, tucks down the legs and patterns in the frills.

Black hose #2

I gave hose #2 a twist at the ankle to give it more shape.

The bra is such a small item that it could get forgotten down the line... I gave it a bolder rose pattern.

Same with the gloves...

... I gave them the the high contrast treatment.

Next step will be to paint the wooden clothespins, the finishing details and corrections.

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