Painting the Servant's Quarter - Completed

Another ad from the century old magazine, this time featuring a nicely illustrated maid with breakfast tray.

Remember this old wall paper found in the closet? Well it was my starting point to find my paint colours for this room. Like the green on my house found from stripping old doors, I like to use colours from the DV's past.

Here are the paint chips pulled out from that old wall paper. The orange is a good match to the floors, the stone grey is for the walls, the antique white is for the trims and the pure white represents the storage furniture, the washing machine, the ceiling, the the lights and the handles. I added black for the hardware.

Floors were properly protected... were the machines, cupboards....

...and lights.

The old laundry tubs were removed.

Two coats of white on the ceiling.

Then the walls in stone grey.

Antique white trims, carried from the bathroom and hallway into the laundry room.

When everything was completely dry, the new laundry tubs were connected, the two doors were hung and all the hardware was screwed back into place.

I have to admit that I was 90% sure I was going to paint my cupboards, but once I removed the protective papers, I thought "I like my knotty pine cupboards now". I just need to add some finishing moulding at the top as JC from My 1923 Foursquare suggested.

They make a nice connection with the floors and add warmth and colour to a neutral room. The only thing missing is a table to fold the laundry, which will be placed opposite the dryer on the free wall.

Okay, I need to pamper my poor hands and nails now. I wouldn't mind if that maid brought me some cocoa, either.