Victorian Veranda - Side Trellises Completed

Of all the restorations we've done so far, I have to say that the trellises were the most back breaking. I'm thrilled to say that this one is over and done with.

The side veranda had three sections measuring about twelve feet each and weighing appoximitaly 40 lbs. The weight and length made them awkward; I couldn't move them by myself, making me very dependent on whoever was around.
Note that the trellises themselves were hand-assembled with 1/4"-thick by 1 1/4"-wide pieces of wood - heavy, but very well done. My most valuable acquisition for this job was a paint sprayer, a lesson learned after doing the two front sections with a paint brush.  

Here is a before shot of one of the trellises - the most damaged one. The bottom edge was touching the ground, and in some areas was literally in the ground.

Restored and painted.

Back where they belong. We just have to level the ground, roll out some black weed barrier sheets and top it off with gravel.

On a related note, my mom is an avid gardner and my 'go to' person for pretty much everything. She showed me this newspaper article on living willow fences. I just love that idea so researched it a little further and found this blog site:
Purpleosier  growing, using and making with sustainable materials

 Purpleosier's beautifully delicate willow cupola.

natural 's lush harbour.

Jay Davey Bespoke Willow 's renaissance like garden fence.

There are so many beautiful willow structures. Some are too complex for the amateur gardner like myself, but the three above seem to be feasible. Perhaps there will be a blog post on a willow structure in the DV's garden sometime in the distant future.