Victorian Style Shed/Playhouse - Part III - The Never Ending Project

Work has been progressing slowly, but nicely. This job has been named 'The Never Ending Project' because of the constant threat of rain in the forecast. 

 Painting has started on the swing set.

Yesterday again, was a rainy day, but up until this morning, rain was only one obstacle to getting the job done. Note the dead tree on the left, in the neighbouring school yard. You guessed it, half came down in our yard this morning, waking us up at 6:08 am with a huge crackling sound. I first thought that we'd had a lightning strike in our back yard.

It missed the shed by a few feet, but it can still flip back and do a lot of damage.

This tree was alive last summer, but was showing signs of stress. It did not survive the winter. Two attempts were made to inform the new owners of the situation, but we received no response. We knew it would come down sooner or later, but I think that all the rain we've been getting made it rot so much faster. Anyway, most importantly, no one was hurt.

This last shot of the shed/playhouse is where we are at. I'm hoping this can be completed soon, but we are already cutting it close for painting projects. I'm afraid you might only see the completed version next spring.