Victorian Style Shed & Playhouse - Part II

Colour inspiration for the shed/playhouse came from a few feet away. 
Lavender-coloured buds from the hostas...

orangy red from the the day lilies... 

creamy white and yellow gold from the shasta daisies.

It was progressing nicely until all came to a halt with a rainy day, yet again. So, I'll show you the inside of the playhouse.

Entering from the deck.

The door to the balcony.

View of the DV from the balcony.

Turning back...

and looking out from where I came in. This is a view of the old 'right of way' from the time when there was a carriage turn. We still use it on occasion when we have a bulky delivery or restoration that requires heavy machinery, like when we had the eavestrough done.

Looking down onto the yard, it really feels like one is in a treehouse.

Shutters ready and waiting to go back up where they belong beside the windows in the front tower part of the DV. That is, once the top window is restored, hopefully before autumn.