Krug's Regency Style Dining Table

Another great find from our local Salvation Army Thrift Store was this reproduction Regency Style dining set from Krug (circa 1960). When I first saw it in the store, it was extremely dirty, it smelt musty and smoky, and the fabric on the seats was so stained that it was sickening. Basically, the set was disgusting. But as I often say, you have to look beyond the offensive visuals to see the true nature of the item. All pieces of the set were very sturdy. Any damage to the wood was superficial and could easily be fixed. The table has folding extensions that can seat eight people. Besides, we needed a kitchen table and it was super cheap. I don't have pictures of it in that state because I had not started a blog a that point, but you are probably better off for it - I don't want to induce nausea. Anyway, I gave the set a makeover. I stripped the crackling varnish, puttied the holes and scratches (cat claws), gave it a good sanding, painted it, reupholstered the seats and had a piece of 1/4¨ glass cut to size for the top. I think it looks pretty respectable now. It doesn't go with the country style kitchen we have, but this kitchen will eventually be renovated and the table is put to very good use.