Thursday, November 23, 2017

Miss Havisham's Great Disappointment

A Victorian spirit, returning at night, 
 A ghostly visit, in wedding gown white. 
 Dirty and ripped, a frightening sight. 

 Moaning and crying, floating around, 
 The dining room table, she can always be found, 
 Looking for something, three-tiered and round. 

 Her dark broken heart, has turned to dust. 
 Left at the alter, promises lost. 
 Vengeance on men, she no longer trusts. 

Beware gentlemen, of Miss Havisham. 
 Brian, as well, beware of this femme. 
 In her sick mind, the males are all damned. 

 Set ablaze, her wedding attire, 
 Up in flames, her mansion hellfire, 
 Her ghostly figure, forever bemired.

Hope you had a fun Halloween.


Mrs. D said...

Hello Anyes,
I so much enjoyed your Halloween post. Your ghost is dressed so beautifully, and your dining room is stunning. Wish I could come visit you and your studio. You are welcome to come visit me too anytime. I'll have your room ready, and we'll share stories of our Victorian homes.
Mrs. D - Wisconsin

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Dear Linda,
Your words are too sweet. I'm so pleased you enjoyed my Halloween post. It would be amazing to stay under your roof and in one of your beautiful rooms, not to mention meeting you in person. Perhaps one day, when the stars align.
You made my day.