'Fretworking' - Part VI - Side Veranda Completed

Continuing where I left off last September. Here I am, 'au rendez-vous'. 
Click here to view last year's work.

 Here's a shot of what I'm working with.

 I'm using a heat gun to strip away the old paint. In some areas, it's 3 to 5 mm thick.
Surprisingly, the paint lifts quite easily since the crackling goes all the way to the wood, allowing the heat to penetrate well. I filled in a few holes and little gaps, then primed. Wood is amazing. If well built and well protected, it will withstand the test of time - this decorative structure is 126 years old and is as tight as can be.

 Moi - a rare shot of me at work. I have started to sag a bit, but then again, I'm not made of wood.
I'm starting on the last section.

Voila! Aside from the last post and corbel linking the corner to the front, I'm done with the side.