Monday, September 15, 2014

Planter Box Furniture - Last Exterior DIY Project of the Season

I recently came across a nice little piece of furniture at my local vintage/thrift store Pass It On. A dainty planter box with shelf, to place near my front doors under the address plaque.

Of course, I could not leave it alone and wanted to refresh it -
as if I did not have enough of my veranda to paint.
So I put my trusty and lovely assistant Astrid on it. Actually, it's not really a DIY, but a ADI -
'Astrid Did It'.

 After sanding and priming it…

She painted it in the colours used on the house.

We filled the box with deep red daisy mums to match the red accents.

Done! She did a great job.
It now stands near the front door and will give ample opportunity to do pretty seasonal displays.

Getting ready for Autumn and wishing you a lovely one.


Mark Ruffner said...

Dear Anyes,

That was a very serendipitous find — in terms of design and scale, it looks as though it was made to order for the space it now graces. And Astrid did a beautiful job!

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Mark,
Yes, this little piece fits right in and Astrid was so careful with the colour blocking. The right thing always comes along for those who are patient.
Always a pleasure,