The Countess' Cedar Gown and Top Hat, Part I

Well, my old friend The Countess Papera Ephemera showed up for a new dress commission. This year, a 'Noel' evening gown as opposed to a Halloween one is in the making. She knew I wasn't going to be in St Marys for her yearly autumn request, so she postponed her trip and will be our spirited guest for the holiday season.

I gathered many decorative things from Christmases past and will transform her autumn top hat into a festive one. This time, I decided to give her a more modern look, along the lines of the 1940 silver screen legends. 
The lovely thing about Popie is that she understands the true nature of an artist and trusts me implicitly. That's how I like it. This is a luxury that I enjoy now that I work from home and have a spirit for a client. I ran out of glue so I will move on to the dress for now.
Below are shots of the cedar gown in progress.

Ultra-Violet looks innocent, but is most probably assessing the new indoor facilities. 

Come back later for the completion of the cedar tree evening gown.