The DV - Muse and Model

June was quite busy here at The Dusty Victorian's bed and breakfast. Guests came and went, each one as charming as the next. Some came for the theatre in Stratford, others were day tripping in Perth County, but no matter what the reason, we were so pleased with the travellers The Dusty Victorian attracted and accommodated under her roof.

Ending the month were guests Keith Thirgood and Helen Walter of the Wilson Street Studio - accomplished plein air painters. Please click on their names to view their strikingly beautiful artwork and to learn more about their studio.  

The DV served as muse and model on this gorgeous warm day. Helen, in the front, prefers to stand and paint, capturing the many steps leading to our front door.

Further back in the dappled shade, the lilac leaves were creating heart-shaped shadows on Keith's shirt while he was focussing on the house.

Yours truly beaming proudly beside Helen, striking a Kiki de Montparnasse pose, and Keith with his understated Manet elegance. A memorable and priceless day.

Ultra-Violet and I have a little bit of time to put our feet up before our next guests show up.
A very busy summer between fixing windows, guest travellers, and gardening - love it!